Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today i went to place my vote and when I handed the lady my Drivers License she looked at me and asked me if I was related to Bob and Eileen. I was very surprised at that. The absolute last thing I expected. I told her I was their granddaughter and she proceeded to tell me how they lived right next to her mother and how wonderful they were and how sweet. I thanked her, while smiling and trying not to cry, and went to vote. While I am filling out my ballot I hear her tell someone, "that young woman over there is Bob and Eileen's granddaughter. " As I was leaving a man stopped me at the door and followed me as I walked telling me how he remembers going to dinner with them one night and hearing all about grandpa's train trip in Canada, at least he thinks it was Canada. He continues to tell me how wonderful they were and how sad it was to hear they had passed. I told him about all the train pics we found after they passed. He laughed and wished me well and we parted.

That whole thing just caught me so off guard because it was the last thing I could have expected today. But it really makes me think about what an impact G&G had on people and how they truly were kind and just all around friendly to anyone they met. With it being 358 days since Grandpa died I found that encounter to be a wonderful surprise!

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